UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index

This index analyses residential property prices in 25 major cities around the world. In the 2020 edition, the major points are the housing markets of some of the cities on the list, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its potential long-term adverse effects on urban housing. The bubble risk is elevated in Toronto, HongContinue reading “UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index”

Skills needed in a post pandemic world

Data literacy: be able to evaluate data and extract value out of it. Critical thinking: be able to find valuable and trustworthy information. Technology savvy: keep track to new technologies to be able to use them as needed. Adaptability and flexibility: always be ready to learn and change things if necessary. Creativity: be ready toContinue reading “Skills needed in a post pandemic world”

German consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

Which is the German consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis? How do Germans evaluate the changing arena? Find this out here. In case you would like to understand other consumer sentiments in other European countries – and also around the globe, including Argentina and Brazil in South America – click here. Source: McKinsey research, articleContinue reading “German consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis”

4 ways companies with purpose are finding ways to stand up during pandemic

How is the pandemic working on you and what is it doing with companies around the world? We have found this article very worth reading, as it is mentioning what is changing on the company side. The main takeaways how companies might be reacting are as follows: Putting employees first Respond with creativity and innovationContinue reading “4 ways companies with purpose are finding ways to stand up during pandemic”

International Job Search during Pandemic

We are starting this project with the aim of providing people looking for a job in Europe with a good mix of information, inspiration and motivation, as well as tools in order to succeed. Talking about action… let’s start with a question every one of us has in his/her own mind: I was looking forContinue reading “International Job Search during Pandemic”