Learn German for free with Deutsche Welle

There are many ways to learn a language nowadays. I know people who download apps and have a great experience with it. Others look for what is called in German “tandem” experiences (offering their language knowledge to another person and learning from him/her the other language as a conversation). There are really good face to face courses, one of them for sure is at the Goethe Institute, either in Germany or in any premises around the world. But for those who want to start right NOW are looking for an alternative which is good and for free, Deutsche Welle offers a German course from the beginner’s level up to B1. Check it here and go for it!

German consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis

Which is the German consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis? How do Germans evaluate the changing arena? Find this out here. In case you would like to understand other consumer sentiments in other European countries – and also around the globe, including Argentina and Brazil in South America – click here.

Source: McKinsey research, article from May 8, 2020.

4 ways companies with purpose are finding ways to stand up during pandemic

How is the pandemic working on you and what is it doing with companies around the world? We have found this article very worth reading, as it is mentioning what is changing on the company side. The main takeaways how companies might be reacting are as follows:

  1. Putting employees first
  2. Respond with creativity and innovation
  3. Increase collaboration
  4. Evolve its own purpose through the experiences lived during this crisis period.

Source: Fast Company, article from April 27, 2020.

Photo: Depositphotos

International Job Search during Pandemic

We are starting this project with the aim of providing people looking for a job in Europe with a good mix of information, inspiration and motivation, as well as tools in order to succeed.

Talking about action… let’s start with a question every one of us has in his/her own mind:

I was looking for a job but… pandemic is now there and I am not sure if I should continue following my dream of finding a job in Europe?

And the answer is… YES… But why?

  • Although the number of jobs might be currently lower than before, this is the possibility to take action and do something for your peace of mind right now
  • You also have the possibility to keep on following your dream while others you will have probably gotten stuck – maybe there are less candidates than before?
  • Networking during the pandemic was never so easy! Everybody is at home and most likely available!
  • This is also a time in History where we tend to think about ourselves, our place in the world and where could be the best place to be… There is a possibility to check how the company you are interested in is dealing with the pandemic. There is no question that nobody was prepared for it, but the way a company reacts reveals a lot about its values! Now they were put into action and you can evaluate them, as not only a company looks for employees, human beings also look for companies and evaluate if this could be a win-win game or not!
  • This is also an opportunity to evaluate types of companies and how “crisis proven” they are. Would your chosen company be able to survive the next crisis?
  • You might get an offer even before you have the chance to see the interviewer in person! I’ve personally heard of someone who got an international offer after a WhatsApp group interview!
  • And last but not least… after the pandemic is over, a lot of people might be looking for a job!  
  • Therefore, the time to react is… NOW! Keep focused on the things you can control.