Skills needed in a post pandemic world

  1. Data literacy: be able to evaluate data and extract value out of it.
  2. Critical thinking: be able to find valuable and trustworthy information.
  3. Technology savvy: keep track to new technologies to be able to use them as needed.
  4. Adaptability and flexibility: always be ready to learn and change things if necessary.
  5. Creativity: be ready to dream new scenarios and make them happy.
  6. Emotional intelligence: ability to be aware of our emotions and how they influence our life. Also be able to be empathetic and understand someone else’s emotions.
  7. Cultural intelligence and diversity: think local, be global. Be ready to understand and work with people from different backgrounds.
  8. Leadership skills: ability to lead other people but also to lead yourself. A growing ability is also to be able to lead
  9. Judgment and complex decision making: understand the big picture and make decisions, understanding the impact of your actions.
  10. Collaboration: interpersonal communication skills to work well with different people.

It will help if you find ways how to motivate yourself, finding reasons why you do – or don’t do – something. Once you know where to go, you will need to coordinate yourself and learn how to use time at its best – look for good alternatives how to manage stress and manage your time and learn to prioritise. Keep curious and excited about change!

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