Have you ever heard about that say:

“If you believe you can do something, or if you believe you can’t, you’re always right.”

It’s always you who takes the final decision, isn’t it?

The same applies for a job search situation. Many people, especially women, only apply for a job if they are able to fulfill all the expectations listed on the job add. But just because you don’t have all of the qualifications doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for a job.

There are many ways how you could understand this a bit better:

  1. Many times, managers are trying to put a non-existent combination of attributes when looking for a new employee, as wish-thinking could give them the idea that they should aim for the impossible to get a good possible option.
  2. Sometimes the issue is the job add itself. There is no clarity on what is a must expectation and what is rather a “nice to be”.
  3. The second part is in you. If you have everything listed on the job add, how are you going to grow and develop. There should also be a learning curve for you in a new challenge!

This is why I can only advise: go ahead and give it a try. Talking to real people and being interviewed you might find out that the job is even much more interesting and closer to your values that you thought before. You might get so excited about a topic that you want to learn everything about it. Life is about learning, isn’t it?

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