Some insights for the Post-Pandemic World

Invention of World Wide Web

“Invention of World Wide Web” by nunecoe is licensed under CC PDM 1.0

The world has already changed a lot since the last months under pandemia and will be changing even more in the next months. Prior to the coronavirus many companies and many people spent a huge amount of time on discussing topics such as remote work and if there could be a basis of trust high enough to accept people working at home, at least sometimes. The crisis has changed the world upside down and companies who were not already flexible enough with their peers, had to accept change in a rather absurdly rapid path. Here are some insights on what the current changes might mean for you, being involved in an international career search or aspiring for it:

  • Companies might be offering lower benefit packages and might be delaying hirings as they want to be cautions and make sure they can spare some active capital in the current difficult times
  • Some companies might decide to have less physical buildings and to offer more remote work / home office, reducing costs and improving flexibility
  • Lay off scenarios and the necessity of reacting to changing customer expectations and demand might make the job search even a bit (or much) more difficult
  • Re-opening offices will be involved with the “new normal” (home office rotation, health & safety measures, reduce work and meeting space due to social distancing, etc.)
  • So called feminine leadership competencies such as empathy, being able to understand people and react to their needs might be requested even more due to the difficulties caused by a long lasting stress situation during pandemia
  • The need to be able to express capabilities and talents in a post-pandemic world while looking for a job is even higher, as companies will tend to look for low-risk candidates
  • Due to all described above, many job searchers might be demotivated and might decide to stop looking for a job opportunity. But… after pandemic, there might be even more unemployed people. The right timing to look for a job opportunity is…. NOW!

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