Pure Gratitude

An enormous feeling of gratitude, like that one which almost lets your heart explode inside your chest, is what I feel at the moment when I go back to the questionnaire I did a few weeks ago and check the results!

When I prepared this questionnaire, I received help from all sides, but on the other hand some people asked me how much I would invest to get answers and some said that the questionnaire had become too long (which is true) and that they were afraid that many would open the file but would not complete all the questions.

The end result is that 121 (!) people contributed to a very extensive survey, which will enable me to assess even better the desires and expectations of those seeking a job abroad, more specifically in Europe. And out of these 121 people, 72 left their e-mail address to be informed about the Connexx project and to participate in a book draw.

I just made the draw (using a random number generator)… and the winner is…

Kaka Furst!

As I don’t know if she is someone who speaks Portuguese, I just sent an e-mail in English offering one or two of my signed books or a book of her choice for 20 euros, in case the person doesn’t speak Portuguese.

If you should know who she is, please tell her to take a look at her mailbox!

I would like to once again leave a big thank you to everyone who participated. A project cannot go ahead if many people don’t give their share of contribution. And in Connexx’s case, I can see that I’ve received a lot of support! Therefore, I feel pure gratitude!!!

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