You Don’t Need to Meet Every Qualification to Apply for a Job

Are you that kind of person that thinks that you can only apply for a job if you are able to offer everything listed on the job ad?

You should not!

Please go ahead and try to get a job you dream of, even if you think you don’t have the entire qualification for that position. There are two reasons that support this idea:

1 – When a company is looking for a new employee, the tendency is to list everything they would like the new person to accomplish. Very often they forget to think about what is really necessary and what is “nice to have”. If you don’t try to get an interview, how can you discover if this is the case?

2- Organizations expect people who are new to a role (and particularly people who are new into an organization) to grow into the position. The implicit desire is is that new joiners should ask a lot of questions, seek for mentoring, and to even make a few mistakes as they get acclimated to a role.

You can read more about this subject visiting this article from the HBR (Harvard Business Review).

Please go ahead and give your self-confidence a try!

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