80,000 hours or 40 years

This is the amount of hours or the number of years you will be probably working during your entire life. Have you thought about these numbers that will define your work life until you will be able to retire? If so, how should these hours be spent? Probably with joy, isn’t it?

For some time ago I’ve found a really interesting website with a lot of insights with this regard. Some information really caught my attention as for example the following two:

  • Mental Health
  • Career Capital

“When thinking about career capital, most people focus on concrete credentials like the brand name of their employer or specific qualifications. However, career capital is anything that puts you in a better position to make a difference in the future, including general efforts at personal development.

The aim is to maximise your impact over an entire 40 year career, and many of the highest-impact positions take decades to reach. This means it’s vital to be on a path you can stick with. And that probably means doing something you enjoy, which lets you get enough sleep, exercise,  build up enough savings, have rewarding relationships, and fulfill other important personal priorities. It also means realising you’re not perfectly moral and treating yourself with some self-compassion. Neglecting to take care of yourself seems to be one of the more common ways for talented people to fail to live up to their potential.

One area we’d especially like to highlight is mental health. Depending on the definition you use, between 10% and 50% of people in their twenties are dealing with some kind of mental health problem. If you’re suffering from one – be it anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression or something else – then probably make dealing with or learning to work around it one of your top priorities. It’s one of the best investments you can ever make, both for your own sake and your ability to help others. (…) Many people who took the time to make mental health their top priority and who, having found treatments and techniques that reduced or even eliminated their symptoms, have gone on to perform at the highest levels.”

What have you been doing in order to grow as a person and as a professional and to develop or maintain your mental health?

Source: website 80.000 Hours, Key Ideas.

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