International Job Search during Pandemic

International Job Search

We are starting this project with the aim of providing people looking for a job in Europe with a good mix of information, inspiration and motivation, as well as tools in order to succeed.

Talking about action… let’s start with a question every one of us has in his/her own mind:

I was looking for a job but… pandemic is now there and I am not sure if I should continue following my dream of finding a job in Europe?

And the answer is… YES… But why?

  • Although the number of jobs might be currently lower than before, this is the possibility to take action and do something for your peace of mind right now
  • You also have the possibility to keep on following your dream while others you will have probably gotten stuck – maybe there are less candidates than before?
  • Networking during the pandemic was never so easy! Everybody is at home and most likely available!
  • This is also a time in History where we tend to think about ourselves, our place in the world and where could be the best place to be… There is a possibility to check how the company you are interested in is dealing with the pandemic. There is no question that nobody was prepared for it, but the way a company reacts reveals a lot about its values! Now they were put into action and you can evaluate them, as not only a company looks for employees, human beings also look for companies and evaluate if this could be a win-win game or not!
  • This is also an opportunity to evaluate types of companies and how “crisis proven” they are. Would your chosen company be able to survive the next crisis?
  • You might get an offer even before you have the chance to see the interviewer in person! I’ve personally heard of someone who got an international offer after a WhatsApp group interview!
  • And last but not least… after the pandemic is over, a lot of people might be looking for a job!  
  • Therefore, the time to react is… NOW! Keep focused on the things you can control.

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